Greetings from Fassler Gourmet,


Who are we and what do we do?

Fassler Gourmet Singapore is primarily a producer of fine smoked and value added seafood specialties.

We are proud to supply just about all hotels and quite† many restaurants in Singapore with some of our over 200 freshly made seafood products.

Over the last 16 years we also managed to establish a name for ourselves in the surrounding countries.

In 2004 the company expanded and virtually doubled itís production space, which included a beautiful new kitchen.

Our 52 members of staff are now ready to take on new challenges, one of which is the all-year-round Party Service.

Martin Fassler

Our Party service is suitable for a wide range of parties, from the small wine drinking session or a light meal by the pool to birthday parties. Our platters are great for product launches and particularly convenient for office and staff gatherings. Read on if you have any more questions.


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Why Party Service?


Q: What is the difference between party service and the traditional catering?

A: The traditional catering companies always offer you a package. With Party Service

††††† you can chose to have just one platter added to your home cooked party foods.


Q: Why would I want to cook for my party at home myself?

A: Every home has a house specialty like that Chicken Curry or Motherís Bee

†††† Hoon or Sisís Mee Siam. Donít deprive your guest of these goodies. Simply add

††† on a platter or two to complete the meal and make things easier on you.


Q: How long in advance do I need to place my order?

A: Please allow at least 24 hours for us to prepare your order. You may place the

††† order before 12† noon for delivery or collection the following day.


Q: What are your minimum orders?

A: You may order as little as one small platter to go with tonight's wine drinking

††† session.


Q: Do you do home deliveries?

A: We are doing home deliveries from Monday to Saturday but if you collect your

††† platter yourself you qualify for a big 20 % Discount.


Q: Can I bring this platter along to a party at my friends place?

A: What a great idea. Instead of bringing a bottle of wine you can bring along a

††† sashimi platter. We will pack the platter into a presentable party-patter-

†††† box for easy and safe handling.


Q: Are these platters suitable for office parties?

A: Absolutely. We deliver to your office and if you order two or more platters we

††† throw in free forks, chopsticks napkins and plates. And the best thing is

††† that nobody has to wait for the caterers to clear the leftovers.


Q: Where can I collect my Party Platter?

A: We are located at 46 Woodlands Terrace.†††††† Here is a Map


Q: Who could I contact should I have more Questions?

A: Why don't you give Jane a call you could also contact anybody in the

††† Management of Fassler Gourmet Pte. Ltd.†††† Meet the Management.

Sashimi PlatterLet's party ...Sashimi  PlatterSashimi and Tataki Platter

Assorted Sashimi 1 kg

Sashimi Salmon only 1.5 kg

Sashimi & Tataki Platter 1 kg

Smoked Salmon Platter

Smoked Salmon Platter with traditional garnishes 1 kg

... with a Party Platter from Fassler